A) "The Smile Rejuvenation Complete System" (Brightening & Stain Remover Swabs + Teeth Whitening Swabs + Blue Power Rinse) FAST & Gentle Cleaning + Whitening


7 DAY KIT $199 Regular

14 DAY KIT $359 Regular


B) Single Brightening Stain Remover Pre-Whitening Swab for Pre-Treatment before use of our proprietary teeth whitening gels

$79 Regular

  • Zero Sensitivity
  • Remove Ugly Stains on Teeth
  •  Reduce Time Needed to Whiten Teeth
  •  Teeth Remain Whiter Longer
  •  No Messy and Bulky Trays or Strips
  •  Takes Less Than 2 Minutes to Use
  •  Easy to Carry Grab-and Go Case
  •  Perfect for Red Wine, Coffee and Tea Drinkers
  •  Made with Safe, Premium Ingredients
  •  Endorsed by Many of America’s Top Dentists
  •  Created by World’s Foremost Expert on Teeth Whitening and Dental Health

You can get a brighter, whiter smile at home, at work, and on-the-go!

The PRE-WHITENING Swabs® Professional Level Teeth Whitening System™ contains:

  • Teeth Brightening Swabs™: One set of 14 swabs •
  • Teeth Whitening Swabs™: One set of 14 swabs •
  • Power Rinse™ Teeth Whitening Mouthwash: One bottle

Before using the PRE-WHITENING SWABS ®, it’s important to understand the proven benefits of each product. For maximum benefits, always be sure to Read the Directions thoroughly before use.

PRE-WHITENING SWABS® are designed to work on natural teeth – not effective on dentures, crowns, caps and veneers. •

Step 1: Bright Swabs™ (White Collar)

The PRE-WHITENING SWABS ® teeth whitening innovation starts with our revolutionizing Step 1: Brightening Swabs™. Typical beaching gels are too thick to penetrate rapidly into the tiny spaces around enamel rods. This is why you spend hours applying typical bleaching products hoping for whiter teeth, but never achieve desired results and the long contact time with can be a major source of tooth sensitivity.

The PRE-WHITENING SWABS® formula features an extremely thin liquid that is thickened with air and foam. As the foam collapses back into a thin liquid, it penetrates very rapidly into enamel for FASTER, BETTER results.

Zero Sensitivity Teeth Whitening

With the PRE-WHITENING SWABS® system, you can say goodbye to the pain and sensitivity that occurs during teeth whitening procedures.

  • Proprietary pH balanced formulation helps prevent teeth whitening discomfort
  • Formulated with ingredients that re-hydrate enamel before whitening 
  • Your teeth will feel as good as they look!

Lifts & Removes Stains Deep within Teeth Enamel

PRE -WHITENING SWABS® Brightening Swabs™ proprietary technology lifts and removes surface enamel stains, plaque and debris for faster, longer lasting whitening. With POWER SWABS® there is no need for messy trays or strips.

Like to drink red wine or tea, but feel self-conscious about the ugly stains they leave on your teeth? Just keep your POWER SWABS® Brightening Swabs™ in your purse or bag for quick post-beverage go touch-ups. If you’ve got a minute, we can give you a more beautiful, whiter smile!

Improved Gum Health

Shown to improve gum health in independent studies when used regularly.

Freshens Breath

The clean mint flavour kills malodorous germs that cause bad breath.

Whiter Teeth with Our Proprietary Whitening Formulation

  • Step 2: Whitening Swabs™ (Blue Collar)

PRE WHITENING ® Whitening Swabs are designed to work with our Step 1: Bright Swabs™ technology and are shown to whiten teeth up to 8 shades after 1 week of use in clinical studies when used as directed. Average whitening systems are too thick to penetrate rapidly into the tiny spaces around enamel rods, so teeth never look their best. This is also why you spend such long periods of time applying typical bleaching products, creating the major reason for tooth sensitivity that results from the whitening procedures.

Special Foam Penetrates to Whiten Where Gels Can’t

PRE-WHITENING ® Whitening Swabs™ are superior. PRE WHITENING ® Whitening Swabs the same foaming technology, so they are “thickened” with air. This allows the liquid to get between the teeth’s enamel rods to get a sparkling white smile.

  • POWER RINSE™ Color Enhancing Mouthwash

POWER RINSE™ is the World’s First Tooth Color Enhancing Mouthwash designed to maximize the brightening and whitening effects of PRE WHITENING SWABS®.

The POWER RINSE™ Equation

In human anatomy, human eyes view what should be “absolute white” as being slightly yellow. Since blue is the complimentary color to yellow, the special blue tint helps teeth appear whiter and brighter. Our patented formulation also absorbs ultraviolet light while emitting a white light reflection. POWER RINSE™ has been shown in clinical studies to help prevent future stain and tartar accumulation on teeth when used regularly as a safe and easy-to-use plaque disclosing agent. It can also be used as a tooth

brushing aid to help maintain gum and enamel health since it features a special ingredient that can be used to color dental plaque blue. POWER RINSE™ has a clean, mint flavour that freshens breath fast