Teeth Whitening – Bronze Package

Teeth Whitening – Bronze Package

Application of Pre-Whitening Swabs which enables the following during your session:

  • Zero Sensitivity Bleaching
  • Faster Procedure Times
  • Powerful Cleaning Stain Removal
  • Removes Stains from any Surface

15-minute session including 1 application of our hydrogen-peroxide-gel combined with Laser LED Cool Blue Light Technology

Special Price $125.00  

  • Can whiten teeth by 8 to 20 shades
  • Results are visible in first treatment
  • Experienced staff using professional grade dental products
  • A safe formula causing no pain or irritation

Studies have shown that you have less than 10 seconds to make a good first impression on someone you're meeting for the first time and clean, white teeth go a long way in helping you make that initial, positive first impression, both in your personal and professional life. In only one appointment, you will say goodbye to all kinds of stains: tobacco, coffee, tea, wine and more, with a treatment causing no pain or irritation. Ottawa Whitening harness the power of cold-blue-LED-light technology to restore your smiles' brightness without the need for draining or great discomfort. The technique virtually eliminates sensitivity through teeth hydration while efficiency is greatly improved. It is a safe and effective treatment that leads to beautiful white teeth! So bring your smile to Ottawa Whitening! An experienced staff using professional grade dental products will take good care of you and your smile!