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Teeth whitening is a $14 billion industry, and growing. With the latest technological advances, salons, spas and other entrepreneurs can now provide teeth whitening services for $99 all the while being very profitable.

If you can get into a multi-billion dollar industry by investing $1,000 or less and know that for every customer you get you can make around $100, why wouldn’t you? Worst case scenario, it’s a nice side-income. However, most people that work hard and market it well make a very good living with their teeth whitening business.

The trusted name in the teeth whitening industry.

By choosing Pure Image, it’s like getting the best teeth whitening franchise, but with no franchise fees. It’s like having a teeth whitening franchise because we can allow you to use our marketing materials1 to promote our products and your service if you are buying your teeth whitening products from us, but you pay us nothing except for the products that you buy (and we guarantee the lowest prices in the industry). So you have the best of both worlds – a well-respected brand behind you with unlimited resources but without paying for it.

Our revolutionary teeth whitening system ensures that you get the best results, which in turn will generate more referrals than any other system, and this makes all the difference in the world. We depend on the recurring revenue from your future purchases of whitening kits (that’s why we offer the lamp for such a low price), so if you are not successful, neither are we. Fortunately, most of our customers do quite well. We train you and teach you how to be successful.

Once you learn how to perform a teeth whitening treatment, it’s all about marketing. Margins are so high (around 90%) that it’s highly profitable even if you only have a few customers per day – you can even be profitable with just a few customers per week. As a customer, you have access to all our marketing materials to help you reach your goals and have a profitable teeth whitening business.

If you buy your teeth whitening equipment and supplies from us, you eliminate practically all the financial risk of getting into the business. With our prices, even if you only perform 10 teeth whitening treatments during the rest of your life, you at least break even on your investment. But there is no reason you would perform so few as there are millions of people that will gladly pay $99 or more to have their teeth whitened, and there have to be thousands near you.

We usually ship your teeth whitening equipment and supplies the same day you order or the next day, so if you call now, you can be on your way in a matter of days. Call now to find out how easy it is to get started.