Teeth Whitening ...its our business!

Ottawa Whitening is a cosmetic teeth whitening company - that's all we do and the results speak for themselves. The beauty of a dazzlingly white smile is admired around the world! In youth, we are blessed with bright white teeth. As people age, their teeth age too, and years of coffee, tea, red wine, certain fruits and smoking can accumulate on your teeth to dull the colour. Teeth whitening can lighten teeth that have been stained or discoloured by food or age. Teeth whitening is the most popular remedy for yellow teeth. Teeth whitening containing peroxide has been used safely and effectively for over a decade. Our whitening gel is a water based formula, for your maximum comfort. This formula virtually eliminates sensitivities through teeth hydration while efficiency is greatly improved. It is a safe and effective treatment that leads to beautiful white teeth!

About Teeth Whitening

Until a couple of years ago, only dentists could perform teeth whitening treatments. Today, in Canada, all teeth whitening systems (except those containing fluoride) are considered cosmetic products. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, not an invasive dental procedure.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures, if done right. Doing it right means using a proper whitening agent (that is, a good hydrogen peroxide gel) and an appropriate whitening accelerator. The most practical accelerator is an LED lamp emitting a cold blue light with a wavelength of 465 nanometers. This wavelength of light is ideal for activating the hydrogen peroxide and accelerating the whitening process.

The procedure is very simple. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. A cold blue light is placed directly in front of the customer’s exposed teeth and runs for 15 minutes per treatment. We typically perform 1 to 3 treatments on each customer during the same session, the more treatments that are performed the better results you obtain.  Excellent results are obtained with the 2 x 15 minutes sessions and its generally more than enough. We also offer 3 x 15 minute sessions for that Extra White effect, simply because in the 3rd application there is some more penetration. You will NEVER bite into a mouth tray for your whitening sessions at OTTAWA WHITENING! By biting into a tray, the blue light would have zero effect (because it cannot pass through the tray). By applying the gel directly to your teeth, we can use a powerful dental grade hydrogen peroxide gel, this would NOT be possible in a tray based chairside system.


Our gel is powerful, efficient and safe. Our application process eliminates all gum and tooth sensitivity. We only use, approved professional dental grade gel. Call us for details!


What is laser teeth whitening all about ?

Laser teeth whitening (also known as light-activated teeth whitening) is one of the newest - and more expensive - methods available for teeth whitening. Laser treatment involves using a beam of special laser light on the desired areas of the mouth. Laser teeth whitening is popular because the procedure takes less than an hour, and results can be seen instantly. The treatment begins by using bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide gel on the tooth enamel. The gel is then activated using a controlled laser light. The result is a faster, more effective procedure with results of up to a 10 shade improvement.

We use the same accelerating light (LED )technology as dentists. Also called Laser LED teeth whitening

Poised to become the standard by which all teeth whitening lights are judged, the Ottawa Teeth Whitening Laser LED whitening lamp is both the most technologically sophisticated teeth whitening lamp in the industry and the most beautiful. You really need to see it to appreciate it. Even our competitors praise it in private. The body and the head are each cut out of solid blocks of aluminum. When you touch it, you feel nothing but quality. Our customers see the quality. It is one of only 2 teeth whitening lamps that is actually made in the USA.

It has 8 powerful 3W blue LEDs for a total of 24W, making it the most powerful LED teeth whitening light ever designed. We could have gone with weaker or fewer LED's, but we wanted nothing but the best for this lamp, no matter what the cost. Although it was designed for the most discriminating dentists, the cosmetic industry is using it to impress their clients and give them stunningly white teeth. High power is important for 2 reasons:

1) for dentists it allows them to cure the gingival barrier they use more quickly, in the case of the Laser LED whitening lamp in under 1 minute,


2) such powerful LEDs actually warm up the gel slightly allowing it to work more effectively. The blue light is cold, but the LEDs give off just enough heat to raise the temperature of the gel to the optimal temperature. These LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours, which means that if they were on 24 hours a day they would last over 10 years.

Our Laser LED whitening lamp is truly a high-tech product. The result of over a year and a half of intensive R&D, this is the first teeth whitening light with a computer inside. With several ports still unused on the mother-board, it allows us to add functionality in the future. It uses flash memory, which means the software is upgradeable, so when we decide to add new features this will be possible.

All the components on the motherboard are made in the USA, It is also the first teeth whitening machine to have 2 timers, one for us and one for our customer.


  • Wavelength range: 460nm-470nm
  • Total Power: 24,000 mW or 24W
  • Light intensity: up to 2400 mW/cm²
  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • External Power supply: 36W Weight: 5 kg


Beware of promises for "10-minute" teeth whitening. The results from "Fast-White" systems or those claiming such results are always poor compared to those of professional systems that use 2-3 teeth whitening sessions (15-20 minutes each). If you have ever whitened your teeth, you will know that you see some results after one 10 minute session, but this is mostly just the "pores" of the teeth opening up and the effects are not long lasting. You really should do 2-3 sessions of professional teeth whitening to get the best and longer lasting results. Always demand a DIRECT APPLICATION of gel on your teeth for a chair side teeth whitening session, no mouth tray, no mess. 

This is because the bleaching agent takes time to travel through the enamel of your teeth to bleach the stained dentin below. The dentin gives your teeth the natural bone or white color you see. That’s what you really want to whiten. When you do only one whitening session you are really just whitening the enamel and the results won’t be that long lasting. If you take the time to do the teeth whitening process properly, with two to three 15-20 minute sessions with a professional system, you will whiten the dentin correctly and get the best teeth whitening results that will last for a long time.